Water flooded the room

Water and flood restoration is the process of drying and cleaning saturated building structures, floor coverings and sub flooring to a safe standard level.

This process is crucial in eliminating likely mould growth, bad odours and the structural integrity of building materials. We have many different ways of achieving this using various methods and equipment types, these include:

  • Truck mounted and portable water extraction machines

  • Drymatic heat drying machines

  • Heat mats for direct targeted drying

  • Air movers

  • Injection drying attachments

  • Wet air extraction and exhaust machines

  • Dehumidifiers

We also have Curtain Wall Systems. These temporary plastic wall sheets are ideal for focus drying a particular area within a room or open plan section of a premises. They are easily put together and removed via adjustable poles and foam protected wall barriers, and ceiling plates. This enables a safe and non invasive barrier for heat drying, protecting ceilings and walls from any paint or structure damages.

A white ceiling that as been damaged through water and floods
A water host pouring water on the carpet
A guy wearing poloshirt with don't panic logo

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