Mould formed in the wall

Mould remediation is the removal and treatment of mould growth on surfaces and of mould spores in the air.

Mould has become quite a large problem within building structures in recent times and there are many factors that cause and spread this throughout a premises. We have the best machines, chemicals and techniques available to achieve a high standard of clean and safe possible.

Some of our machines for air quality and spore control are:

  • Hydroxyl units

  • Air scrubber, air cleaning machines

  • Air extraction machines

  • Various hepa vacuum units

  • Fogging machines

We use high quality chemicals to kill, remove,  clean and protect surfaces and areas from mould and regrowth.

Some of these include:

  • Anti-microbial’s

  • Hysan mould cleaner

  • Mould protectant

  • Mould odour free treatment

  • Mould disinfectant and stain remover

  • Mould encapsulater

A white ceiling that as been damaged through water and floodsA white painted wall and ceiling with moulds
A water host pouring water on the carpet
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